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Emma and Nick's Beautiful Montague Retreat Center Wedding

When Emma called me, a little frazzled about planning her wedding, I felt like I was talking to myself as a bride 5 years ago. We both resisted the "wedding industrial complex" and just wanted something sweet and intimate to celebrate with our favorite people. Every so often, I have an initial phone call with a potential client and get off the phone feeling like I HAVE to do that person's wedding. Emma was one of those people. I'm so honored and grateful I got to help with Emma's vision to create dinner tables that were inviting, unique, and cozy. And look at this! We totally nailed it.

The laughter, conversation, and smiles around these candles and flowers were so heartwarming. Emma had her own vintage doilies inspired by her grandmother's collection that we used with a variety of bottles with farm fresh flowers and brass candlesticks. I really loved this combo.

Here was the setup at the gorgeous Montague Retreat Center, and swipe right for the blank canvas we started with, using rented tables from Michael's Party Rental.

Wheelhouse was the caterer and I absolutely LOVE working with them because not only is their food incredibly delicious but they are really talented at making their food and tables look stunning. It's truly a collaborative effort.

The flowers were from the couple's friend's peony farm (what a connection to have!) and Old Friends Farm. As the sun went down, the ambiance from the candles set the mood we were going for and I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out.

It was also really fun and helpful to work with planner Jackie M and her team. Their vision and attention to detail was evident all over the space, and somehow it made sorting through piles of place cards fun! The day was so well planned, which meant a lot of time to just step back and soak it all in.

A million congrats, Emma and Nick. It was such a pleasure being a part of your big day. Supporting your vision to elevate the things that matter on your wedding day is exactly why I started this little business of mine.

These photos were my own, but we can't wait to see professional photos from Christina Rosario Photography.


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