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Colorful Outdoor Bohemian Lounge and Picnic

When Katie from Camp Glow it Up asked us to create an outdoor picnic at the park for a women's retreat, we knew it had to be a bright and colorful boho lounge. We'd been saving up funky fabrics and we wanted to highlight the most delicious cupcakes from Annie's Bakery with one of our tall cake stands (which we now have 24 of!!!). It turned out to be the most perfect weather and a really inspiring group of women. We couldn't be happier with how we transformed this park space into an inviting, exciting treat for the day!

Camp Glow it Up creates a summer camp experience for women in Western Mass, and also DAY CAMPS! They're so much fun. How often do we get to spend a whole day on ourselves, connecting with other women, reflecting inward, and letting go? Katie Lipsmeyer has such a gift for creating community and bringing people together, so naturally her camps invite us to really focus on deep connection with each other and self care. And of course, she always includes badass women business owners. Like these two:

Sarah Durr is a photographer who makes my stuff look amazing, and an incredible mom, marketing specialist, yoga and mindfulness instructor...basically a superhero. The world seems like a better place when you hang out with Sarah. She will also be helping to facilitate and photograph the Camp Glow it Up summer camp in July!

And Annie Blake created Annie's Bakery to give the world the most delicious cupcakes we've ever tried. Ben isn't much of a "cupcake person," but he's been talking about Annie's cupcakes for months. We wish we could eat them everyday. Check Annie out on Instagram @_anniesbakery and if you have an event coming up, your guests don't know it but they NEED these cupcakes. If I were to do my wedding all over again, these are the cupcakes I'd want.

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